Trowbridge Couple Game for a New Career

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Tony Balecke Board Game Designer

Board Game Designer in Trowbridge make waves in the world of board games after producing one of their own inspired by F1 racing.

Tony and Sue Balecke, from Trowbridge in Wiltshire decided to devote themselves to producing games full time back in November 2011.  As a result their first new board game GB Racers has been manufactured.

This exciting new F1 Racing board game infusing the ‘Appleton Way’ a sporting chance of success for everyone, every time.

You can play as 1 player using all 6 teams of 12 cars, or up to 6 players combined using the historical GB Racer cards.  Also experience the unique GB (Golden Ball) 20 sided dice and other special features.

GB Racers board game is for 1 – 6 players, where you have 2 racing cars each and must get 77 points or more to win the GB Championship. This you do by picking up points for both cars during several GB Grand Prix races. Each race takes 12 – 20 minutes to complete & there is an average of 4 – 5 races per championship.
The overall time averages just over 1 hour.

Mr Balecke designed GB Racers after rediscovering a football-based game he created as a boy several years ago. His wife and nephews were gripped by it, and he was inspired to design more.

The game has even received positive feedback from go-karting champion Jordan Chamberlain, who got in touch with the Baleckes after his grandfather bought him a copy from Atwell & Wilson Car Museum by chance.

Mr Balecke added that what made his games unique was that everyone playing would be in with a chance of winning right up until the end, which he calls ‘the Appleton way’.

He said: “There’s always a possibility to catch up. The child never knows that he’s beaten.

“I used to play Monopoly a lot and you have to go round once before you can start buying.

“If you have a couple of bad throws against you then you can’t start buying and there are times when you know you can’t win.

“I’ve played Risk as well where you have to watch someone have their go for 20 minutes, and you want your go. We’ve made all our games fast.”

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